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CTRL-F: Find the Facts is an online verification skills module designed to help students evaluate digital information and determine what to trust.

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Digital literacy education for educators

This workshop will be an exciting opportunity to learn and practice key verification skills from an expert in this field. A workshop description, times and facilitator bios are included below.

CTRL-F: Find the Facts — Educator Workshop


In this hands-on workshop teachers will become familiar with the CTRL-F program and digital literacy strategies for verifying information online.

The session will centre on guided practice investigating current examples. These will include false/misleading as well as reliable information, drawn from a range of online sources.

Participants will be introduced to the CTRL-F methodology, and learn about the classroom resources.

Sessions will be led by one of two experts: digital information literacy expert Mike Caulfield (Washington State University), who also presents the student-facing CTRL-F skills videos; or CIVIX’s Dimitri Pavlounis, who led the work building the CTRL-F classroom tools.

Total session time is two hours, including Q&A. There will also be an opportunity for discussion with fellow educators. The facilitator will also offer tips for success in the classroom.

Three session times are available. Please note, registration for each is limited to 50 participants.

Please email kelsey@civix.ca for an invitation.


Dates & Times


  • Thursday, December 3rd @6:30pm ET (Mike)
  • Thursday, December 10th @ 5:30pm ET (Dimitri)
  • Wednesday, January 6th @3:30pm ET (Mike)


About Mike Caulfield


Mike Caulfield is one of the key figures in digital literacy education, someone who is radically rethinking how online information literacy is taught. He lives in Vancouver, Washington, and leads the Digital Polarization Initiative, a national project in the US that aims to improve civic discourse by developing web literacy skills in college undergraduates.

His popular open textbook Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers is used by teachers at hundreds of institutions. Mike’s approach is accessible. The power of the skills he teaches is that nearly anyone can use them. He has supported K-12 educators implementing curriculum, including leading workshops for CIVIX and hosting instructional videos for middle- and high-school students.


About Dimitri Pavlounis


Dimitri Pavlounis is the Digital Literacy Project Manager at CIVIX, where he contributes to the organization’s information literacy initiative by conducting research and creating educational resources that facilitate teacher instruction around topics ranging from social media algorithms and the spread of online disinformation to digital verification skills. Prior to joining CIVIX, he received his PhD in Media Studies from the University of Michigan and taught numerous courses in media studies at colleges and universities in the U.S.

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