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CTRL-F: Find the Facts is an online verification skills module designed to help students evaluate digital information and determine what to trust.

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Find the Facts

CTRL-F: Find the Facts is a learning module to help teach students simple verification skills they can use to determine the reliability of sources and evaluate the accuracy of news and information. Materials have been developed for grades 7-12, but could be tailored for younger students. The resources have been developed to work with in-class, remote, and blended learning scenarios.


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CTRL-F is the keyboard shortcut for ‘find.’ The idea is that we can all use quick strategies to investigate information on any topic, at any time.
To produce CTRL-F, CIVIX teamed up with digital information literacy expert Mike Caulfield (Washington State University, Digital Polarization Initiative), and disinformation expert Jane Lytvynenko, senior reporter with BuzzFeed news. An engaging series of short videos supports interactive activities to help students learn simple digital information literacy skills.

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Digital literacy education for educators

Join an engaging professional development session with expert Mike Caulfield, to support bringing the CTRL-F verification strategies to the classroom


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